Saturday, October 10, 2015

Buffet at M hotel

Earlier this year bf kept craving for buffet so one fine day we randomly went for the buffet at M hotel. I was initially quite disappointed with the limited variety of food when we entered the restaurant, but was appeased soon after by the quality of the selections.

The salmon was fresh and yummy, I kept going back for seconds! There were also chilli crabs the day I went! Most buffet only serve cold crabs, so I really appreciate the ones that have savoury hot crabs available as well.

Bf ate very fast initially and got full very quickly. The rest of the time he was looking at me going for my rounds and making me feel guilty for going yet another round. But really not full yet mah..... It looked like I was eating alot more than him but actually it was lesser okay, just that I eat slow so even after he finished eating I could still eat alot more. Haha.

Wearing dress from Purpur. I like the fit of this dress, very flattering!

After lunch, bf went to buy a new macbook air for himself and then we watched a movie. That's all for this short entry! As you can probably tell, I am actually just trying to clear this backlog. Hahaha.

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