Saturday, October 31, 2015

Foil Nails and Lash Extensions at Milly's

Got my nails done at Milly's again!

This time, I was kinda in a rush so I went for foil nails. I love how foil nails always look pretty, and I don't have to sit at the salon for a long time to get them done. Mixed blue, purple, silver, and gold.

And.... I did lash extensions too, for the first time in my life! After seeing all the good reviews and returning customers at Milly's, I thought I should try it too!

The Korean lashes at Milly's come in various lengths, colors and thicknesses, for different looks and can be worn during sleep, showering and swimming. There is also choice of cluster lash (stuck on eyelids) or single lash (strand by strand stuck on your own individual lash, plus look more natural too). I chose cluster lash and requested for shorter lashes so that I can still wear my spectacles at home. The adhesive used is surgical-grade.

Check out my fluttery lashes done at Milly's! They can usually last 3-6 weeks depending on how you take care of them. It is actually very comfortable and having eyelash extensions also means time spent on eye makeup is saved!

Get $5 off lash extensions at Milly's when you quote my name!
Five outlets in Singapore, call 62386216 to book an appointment!

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