Thursday, October 22, 2015


One of those cafe backlogs.

This time, Alvin joined me and bf! We wanted brunch but I didn't have any cafes in mind, so we went for Spruce at Phoenix Park.

Spruce has been around for quite awhile, so i thought, should be quite a safe choice!

Was disappointed at first that the cafe was very dark. Hahaha. Cos I wanna take photos for Instagram! I hardly get enough sunlight a day. I think we should spend our days going out and work during night time instead of the other way round, so that we get nice photos all the time! Sunlight is wasted when we coop ourselves up in the office during daytime. Lol.

The truffle fries - forgot if it's good or bad. But it's quite diferent from the ones outside - truffle sauce instead of oil, and the fries are fat. Hmmm I think I prefer the skinny fries in truffle oil.

I was craving for smoked salmon so I got scrambled eggs with it, plus caviar on top.

Was wondering why the teapot got the chinese character for seven. After quite awhile, we concluded that it may be just "t" for tea. Hahaha.

Hmmm, not instagram worthy at all lor. The presentation not very nice!

But we had interesting conversations over brunch!

Saw this on another table and decided we wanted one too. Five layers of chocolate goodness!

Floral romper of the day from
I have this in both pink and blue because I like the cutting and material very much!

Oh ya, earlier that day bf gave me this! Haha my Ai Xin Breakfast. He told me this is EstheR. He really got no artistic talent in him. Lol.

Toasted bread cut-outs with spread and cheese. Erm, those small pieces are supposed to be birds. Random much? Hahahaha.

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