Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Super Loco

For one of our weekend dates, we went to Superloco, a restaurant serving Mexican food! I love the cheery and vibrant colors of the decor at Superloco!

I was quite unfamiliar with the dishes so after some online searching, I decided on this pretty dish. It was quite good but I didn't really like the corn tortilla because I'm not a fan of corn and the corn taste was quite strong.

Ordered churros after reading some recommendations that it's one of the must-try desserts! Most churros disappoint me but this was good! Both the cherry dip and chocolate sauce were good for pairing, though it's already yummy on its own!

Wore pink top from PURPUR and matched it with a green floral skit! Fits the color theme of Super Loco ya? Haha.

Afterwards, we drove to our BTO site to check out the progress of our flat! This was back in May earlier this year, but now it's already many levels up! Anyway this is not our exact flat... Ours is inside, can't see from here unless we go up to another estate nearby to see from the top :(

Bf had something on after that so I spent a quiet afternoon at a cafe in Punggol~

Just enjoying the breeze while watching people!

Lychee tea is always nice, especially when there are juicy lychees inside!

Got tempted and ordered a plate of chicken wings and ate everything myself :x

Afterwards, headed to Eugene's house for dinner and mahjong session with Jaye and Cm! Itching for a game right now!

Weekend wonderfully spent!

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