Thursday, July 21, 2011


My left eyelid keeps fluttering! Not sure if the left side is considered good or bad omen. I'm too afraid to google for it... just let me believe that it's a good sign!!!

Anyway, I've been too busy to transfer and sort pictures, so give me awhile more ok. I'll get back to my regular blogging soon!

Blogshop Delights:

Check out the latest, Collection 30!

They have quite a number of inspired designs, so if you are eyeing that pretty dress that goes for way beyond your pocket money, remember Jasmoda :D

Promo for dresses & skirts! Purchase any 4 pcs at $100 (mix & match – C30)
Promo for Envelope Clutches! Purchase any 3 pcs at $70 (mix & match)


A new collection just yesterday!
If you noticed my top bar, there is a new banner that leads to! Such a punny name! Hehe.

One of the pieces I like:

Free normal postage if add yourself to the mailing list! There is also a lookbook page where there are magazine style pictures of their clothings for you to flip!


I did an advert for them last year -

Check out the range of accessories MyBlackTulip has! Rings are all in the rage now and I've been adding many to my ring box!

Good news, They are having a 3 for $10.90 Spree now! Super cheap! There are many choices for you to slowly choose from, at the comfort of your own home!


They also have customised cube connector rings at low price! Check it out here:

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