Thursday, July 7, 2011


That day I went to buy 4D, and I decided that my budget for that day would be $2. So I betted $1 on two numbers. After walking out of the store, I realised that one of the numbers I shaded wrongly! I was really afraid that really will open, so I smsed SX and asked him to buy the number. I even told him "I think this number will open. You go buy ok, I don't want buy."

In the end never win! Hmmph :(

So at night when I was talking to SX, I told him, "Did you buy the number in the end?"

SX: "Yep. You owe me $1."
Esther: "What! I ask you to buy, also not say help me buy hahahaha."

Then I proceeded to tell him the reason why I didn't want to buy it myself. It's because, mum told me that good things come in pairs and odd numbers will bring in bad luck. I already bought two numbers so I don't want to buy another number cos it'll be 3! I also did not want to buy 4 numbers cos I don't like the number 4. Then 5 is odd, so I'd have to end up buying 6, equals $6, $4 more than my initial budget...... (crazy one lol).

Then, I gave him an example that my mum told me: it's a form of tradition to buy presents in pairs.

Then he say I also bought him odd number of gifts for his birthday last year.

Esther: Where got! You say lor got what. *feeling hehehe inside cos he remembers what gifts I got for him and feeling abit jingzhang cos I myself don't remember what I bought for him so I tricked him into listing them out hahaha*

SX: Eh, 2 shirts, 1 pen, 1 scrapbook.....

Esther: 4 is even number what!

SX: Plus the meal..... is 5.

Esther: I also gave you a kiss! So it's 6!

SX: Counted meh!

Esther: Yep.


SX: Okay lor, then next time when I give you two gifts, you ask for kiss I cannot give you.

Esther: OIE. Cannot cannot! If that is the case instead of 1 kiss you must give me 2. hahahaha.


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