Wednesday, July 13, 2011


On one of our "dates" last month, we went to Geylang to have white pepper crabs! Those cheap kind! This back alley coffeeshop is selling it 3 for $24. Cheap! But tiny :(

But good enough.

We also had assam fish curry.

It was the 2nd time we ate their crabs. Previously we found them while sourcing for crabs on the streets of Geylang. I still don't know the directions there though.

On another dinner together, both of us ate crab beehoon near my house. 1KG crab, with big chunks of meat. It was soooooo good. A big crab is so much better than afew small crabs!

My perfect zhichar dinner would be:
White Pepper Crab (BIG!!!)
Salted Egg Yolk Tiger Prawns
Steamed fish (Garoupa)
Ginger & Onion Frog Legs (Those geylang type)
Prawn Paste Chicken (Har Chiong Kai)

Who wants to eat with me?? Hehe.

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