Sunday, July 31, 2011

SBA 2011

SBA 2011

Benjamin was a nominee in one of the awards!

Met up first before heading to the award show venue, Shanghai Dolly. Don't know why he always leave house earlier than me but reach later than me! Maybe he bluff and make me jingzhang and rush then he leave house after I hop into a cab? hmmm.....

Hayley was so nice to give up her seat for me and Ben! I'm such a clumsy person, I'm sure I'll keep bumping people and dropping things if I stood throughout :x I don't know how some people can be so elegant and gentle and soft. I just can't!

Picture with the pretty twins. Check out Jiaqi's new hair crop! This color suits her so much more, makes her features more defined.

The theme was "Historal Characters". Before I saw the official posters, Ben told me "Historian" -.- I thought he meant the dress code is to dress up as "a history professor" Lol. We didn't dress to the theme, but he did suggested Huan Zhu Ge Ge lol. Maybe he secretly hinting cos he wanted to dress up as 'Wu Ah Ge'? Hahaha. Sorry Ben I didn't catch your hint earlier!

Best dressed contestants up on stage.

Love our hair color both done by BugisEssensuals!

Eric won the best dressed!!!!!!!! Managed a blurry pic:

Top is from TheBlogShop!

BBM-ed Isaac and he was at paragon so we headed over to Orchard! First time meeting him since he went into Army!

Isaac was with his friends so we didn't bother him anymore and went separate ways. Was hungry so we headed for dinner! Waited super long for our seats.....

Nails by Millys and assorted rings!

We had Korean BBQ! He's so bad at it. Gave me all chao-tar meat!

Watch me do it!

My meat turned out great :) I very long never ownself BBQ stuff already. Usually when I go out with BF he is the one doing it........ :p

I like the greeny veg and the tofu ^^

Intro-ed Ben to the ginseng chicken soup here. It's super nice and the chicken is stuffed with sticky rice. Very nice! Couldn't find similar and nice ginseng chicken soup outside.

Do you know anywhere else that have superb ginseng chicken soup?

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