Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I recently re-dyed my hair again, at Essensuals Bugis. I wanted to make my shade lighter, and Ben just ORD-ed so he wanted to dye hair.

Here's a reflection of half my makeupless face and benjamin pulling out his front teeth.

Here's the final result! LOVE MY NEW COLOR. Alot of people have been telling me that they think light color suits me more and this new color is nice! Hehe.

Ben looked younger after dyeing his hair! It's like sitting on a time machine and going back to the days when I just knew him! He looks better with dyed hair right. And to think these couple of years I was thinking how come he like not so good looking anymore, yuan lai is the black hair problem lah! Hahaha.

My stylist is Wayne. Look for him when you go to Essensuals Bugis! He's friendly plus he really listens!! That time I ask him don't trim too much, he really never trim too much! :D:D

Close-up of my lovely hair.

Essensuals Bugis is having some promotions now too. If you are interested, you may call 6333 0039.

They are located above Burger King at Bugis Village.

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