Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fidel's 21st

Fidelis' 21st Birthday Party

Attended Fidelis' bday party! The theme was Mardi Gras. Dress code color theme: Green, Purple, Gold. -_-

I was like... Oh No. Those colors are super limited in my wardrobe!!!!

Nevertheless, I managed to dress in some green! This simple green tank top is from TheBlogShop, I match it with high waist shorts. It can also be worn as a body-hugging mini dress!

Fidelis had the place nicely decorated...!

She made these goodies. I don't know what they are called, but they are yummy! Must take the recipe from her soon!

She also got a candy floss machine!!!! Just scoop some of the sugar below and switch on the power!


It's so FLUFFY!~~

Fidel also made these jello shots. I've been out of touch with alcohol for around 2 years already. Now I'm super NOOB! She told me that that red ones have the least alcohol but it still made my face burn T_T

Valerie and her jello :D

The photobooth section, decorated according to her birthday theme!

Love the props! Hehe.


Me, Fidelis, and Nadia!

Nadia playing with the fondue! Lots of fresh fruits for us to chomp on. I think I ate half of what was in the grape basket.

Lotsa fun!

Her two-tiered cake!

Nah, give you guys a treat! :p

So excited for my turn! Hah!

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