Tuesday, July 19, 2011



Thanks to Nuffnang, I had tickets to watch the recent Lady Gaga showcase!

Brought my sister along ^^

With Ben in queue.

This was way before Lady Gaga came out. Haha. False alarm.

She is finally out! Anyway this was my view throughout the concert. I think I only managed to catch afew glimpse of her. Didn't bother to take many photos because most of the time I can't see her and had to see her from other people's camera screen lol.

Nevermind, just enjoy the music! Ever since the concert, I got hooked to listening "Judas" on repeat! It's so addicting!

Here's a blurry picture of Gaga. I like this hair~

Everyone was jumping so hard that THE FLOOR WAS SHAKING. What? I thought the floor was concrete cement? How come will shake one?!?!

So anyway, there was this girl who cut infront of us halfway into the concert. Nevermind. BUT SHE WAS A SUPER ENTHU FAN AND KEPT SHOUTING AND JUMPING, BENDING BACKWARDS WHILE DOING SO, swishing vigorously and almost slapping us with her coarse hair throughout. So instead of enjoying the concert, we were trying to dodge her hair from slapping our faces! -_- I don't think she realised how she ruined the show for us. Doesn't help that her hair is not the silky soft shampoo ad type.

When not jumping, she's twirling hair like ppl behind are invisible. My sis was so close to cutting her ponytail off. Luckily, no scissor was nearby.


I itchy hand go play with my bangle, in the end got stuck above the elbow!!! Lol.

Saw this bridge many times on the road but never stepped on it before!

First time must take pic! Anyway, while walking on it, I got a feeling that it seems like I have walked on this bridge before. Maybe I did once a long time ago, not knowing that it is this bridge!

Black romper: MissQueenie
Bow Hair Band: Bugis Junction
Envelope Side Bag: TheBlogShop
Ring: Bugis St

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