Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fiona's 21st

Fiona's Birthday Dinner

Met up with Fiona to celebrate her belated 21st! Guess where I went... AGAIN. Itachi! This is the 3rd time recently. I haven't even blogged about the 2nd time haha. I'm official sick of it now. It'll be temporary though. I might go back maybe afew months down the road or when I'm craving for roasted salmon sushi.

We queued for super long before having a seat. Were famished by then!

Fiona also think that the chawanmushi is yummy! It is topped with crab meat with a little starchy soupy thing.

Salmon Sushi. I like that their rice is warm. Now whenever I walk pass those pre-packed salmon sushi in refrigerators outside, I look at them with distaste lol.

I ordered almost the same stuff I had on previous visits, with two new additions. Fiona wanted Teriyaki Don.

Pork Rib.

Fiona & grilled pork sushi.

And guess what we did afterwards?? We took neoprints!! Haha. It has been a long long long time... I havent scan the final prints. Will post after I get off my lazy bum to do it hehe.

Fiona and me.

Happy birthday babe!

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