Monday, July 11, 2011


I had itachi sushi for the first time that day!

I think it's good. I'd go back there again definitely.

I think that the tea was fragrant and not xiap-xiap at all. Love the steamed egg with crab meat.

What I like about Itachi is that besides raw seafood, they also serve it grilled. I don't see this very often at other Japanese restaurants.

This is a grilled salmon sushi and scallop sushi. Both also damn nice! But I forgot to tell them not to put wasabi, as they usually put it in by default. The scallop is so FAT. They also have a Giant scallop version if you want.

This one below is grilled pork sushi. Love their rice, it's warm and fresh!

This was another kind of fish. I forgot the name...

The original salmon sushi :D

Have already jio-ed Fiona to eat with me again soon!

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