Saturday, July 23, 2011

Be Frank

A few weeks back, I attended OCBC Frank Card event with Ben.

It's basically debit cards targetted to youths. What attracted me was the wide variety of unique skins that we can choose from!

All under different categories:

I had a hard time choosing my card!!!!! These are some of my choices. Guess which one I took in the end?

1. Leopard Prints - Most of the people I asked said this one more suitable for me! Why?! I don't think so lor.
2. Envelope - Loved the simplicity and colors!
3. Ducky - Me and Ben both loved this one! So cute right.
4. The Power Plastic - Classic.
5. Broadway - The picture nice.
6. Bears - So cute!! ^_^
7. Kitten - Not a fan of cats but this one looks adorable lol
8. I prefer plastic people/money
9. Camera
10. Mic
11 & 12. Chocolate bar and poker card. Quite funny right if you pay with these. Lol.

There are many many more which you can view online at their website.
Nope I didn't choose this one. This is one of the many postcards I kope from there lol.

I got the leopard prints one in the end! Received the card already, but not posting up cos got card number and I lazy to edit it now haha.

Group pic:

You can google OCBC Frank if you wish to find out more! :) They have a branch in NTU and other places as well.

My dress is from

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