Saturday, May 14, 2011



New collection has lots of pretty designs!

I got this pale yellow toga dress from them. Simple + pastel, me love! It can also be worn as a tube dress.

Pink Laced Chiffon Top

Top comes with free necklace (!) and is non-sheer as it's lined. Perfect for school and dress-down days when paired with shorts. Girls who're going for a more dressy look could tuck it into a high-waisted bandage skirt!

Kes Two-tone Dress (Navy/Nude)
A two-tone dress that comes in 3 different colors, which looks like paring a chiffon top with a bandage skirt to achieve the look! Perfect for lazy days and yet having the need to look dressed up. Good for both work and school, especially when you have a date to look forward to!

Top part is made of chiffon. Bottom part is non-stretchy and is lined.

Manufactured goodies:


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