Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New bag ^^

Actually just now on the way home I thought of something, and then so I reminded myself that I'm going to blog about it. Now that I'm home, the only thing I remember is my words "I'm going to blog about this!!"

I don't even remember what the topic is about AT ALL!! I've been racking my brains for the past 5-10 minutes!


I on-called a cab and when we got up, my sis noticed that I told the operator "XXXX block, infront of the shophouse". So my sis was thinking, the operator can anyhow write, like "XXXX block, somewhere around there lah" Lol.

And so I said, maybe can tell the operator to write "the girl with red rose" to identify. Then my sis answered me, "You can tell the operator to write 'the pretty girl infront of XXXX block'. Then the taxi driver will never be able to find you."

WTH!! Although she is suaning me, but still very funny lol. I can already imagine the dismay on my face if the taxi driver drive past me without even a second look hahahahaa. Then my sis even added 'if not pretty don't stop the car' Hahahaha.

Nevermind la, I not pretty but I got PRETTY BAG.

Nice anot my latest bag! It's very roomy and can throw alot of stuff inside, very good! That day I went shopping and I managed to put all my loots inside!

I got this bag from Hauteurbanstyle.com

Besides bags, Hauteurbanstyle is also a SHOE HAVEN.

Here are some of my favourite picks:

This gorgeous thing below, is 13.5cm tall. However, you can still be comfy with such towering heels because the platform is 4cm. You won't have to stretch your feet too much. Thick platform is IMPORTANT.

This kind of heels that wrap above the ankles are comfy, stable, makes any outfit look chic and makes you look like you have slender beautiful legs! MY FAVE TYPE. This one below comes in brown too~

Of course, wedges are still the practical choice to looking good. A wide variety of choices too!

Actually hor, got too many nice items to showcase, will make this entry neverending one! You just have to go see yourself: http://www.hauteurbanstyle.com/

Got flats and boots too!



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