Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bf's birthday

For bf's birthday present, I brought him to fly an aeroplane!

Starting point....

And we are now high up in the air! You see the ocean?

My first time on an aeroplane!!! Plus first time sit just behind the pilot! So exciting~

One short flight around Singapore and landing down...

BLUFF one lah! Is some flight stimulation thingy at Orchard Central. Singapore Flyer also have! However, it's not really that fun as I thought it would be leh, maybe because it's not really free-and-easy. It's like a real serious class. I think I prefer arcade.

Had dinner at Victoria's Peak! The restaurant damn empty lor.

Birthday boy~

My skin has been really horrible this few days because I got no time to take care of it! Very very busy at work, no time to even go out and have fun! I miss hanging out with my friends :(

The soup is the best course. A big pot of chicken soup. Not many places have good chicken soup leh! But inside got alot of chicken feet -_-

Don't look down on this messy dish! It's fish with chilli, very yummy!

Lobster, one for each. Super Yummy ^^

When making reservations, I asked if there's cake, but they say dont have, and recommend these buns for celebrating birthday! Haha!

The ice below very wasted leh, got alot! I told bf that this can be a 2-in-1 dessert. Eat finish the fruits on top, then they can pour sweet syrup, become ice kachang! Lol.

Pretty toga dress from !

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