Thursday, May 12, 2011

Qian Nv You Hun

I forgot to blog that I watched Qian Nv You Hun afew weeks ago. Love the show! I actually liked the new storyline more than I liked the actual version that I read about when I came home.

The actress acting as Xiao Qian is so pretty! She was so mesmerizing that I was thinking about her even after the movie ended. Lol. I think she's exactly the type that most guys like.... fair skin, doe-eyes, small nose, long hair. I told bf, if I look like that, he confirm love me more than now!

Louis Koo is so charming, especially the part where he was teary-eyed, but still showing his masculinity. The fox also damn cute!

I especially liked the theme song.
Like very bei chan. Hahah.

I also watched The Ultimate Winner.

Highlight of the show? The super expensive cars. Now I feel more motivated to earn more money and own a car that can haolian to onlookers!!! :p

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