Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Public Transport Woes

I used to think that living in Pasir Ris is the best because it's at the end of the mrt line, so CONFIRM will have seats one.

But then, Tampines more clever. During peak hour, they board the train at Tampines station, travel to Pasir Ris with a seat, and then start their journey from Pasir Ris. So they are the ones who get the seats and we, Pasir Ris people, enter into a crowded train every morning even though we are the start of the mrt line -_- SAD RIGHT.

And my Sis said that the only solution for Pasir Ris people is to take the train to Tampines, drop off, hop onto the opposite direction, and then travel to Pasir Ris, and then officially start the journey. Lol. So retarded! One big circle!

Last time when I was in poly, I had to take a bus to Tampines, then this 168 long distance bus from Tampines to Woodlands. And this 168 is super packed at peak hour because of the rest of the east side students, all going on one bus to the north-west! And the only way to get to school SEATED instead of standing unsteadly and being squashed like sardines, is to either board the bus VERY EARLY, or VERY LATE. And I chose to be very late. Haha.

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