Friday, May 13, 2011


I've been really busy recently and feeling kinda lost in my little life. Nothing's going really good, and it worries me a little. Actually, nothing's going anywhere. I hate to be stuck here, when all I want is to go somewhere else. There are alot of things that I wish to do, I want to pursue. But things don't always go your way, and sometimes limitations are more limiting than it can be conquered. If only.

So anyway, I've not been heading out much due to lack of me-time. I feel that most of my time has been consumed by doing things that are necessary but not what I enjoy doing. Someday, I'll get out of this.

My 21st birthday's coming soon. I wanna make it good.
But, I'm not a rich kid. Gotta brainstorm for something. Haven't got time to really research and plan. I WANNA WIN TOTO/4D!!!!!!!!!

SIAN. Really a long to-do list waiting for me at the back of my mind.

Anyway, I really like this song :)

My Spring/Summer Styles
My favourite top 3 major trends include:

The Maxi Comeback:

Maxis are now back after a short break to conquer your wardrobe again! Lucky for you if you haven't thrown last year's stock away hahaha.

This nude dressthat I'm wearing is very flattering and from ClubCouture.

Bold Colours:

Check out this bold cardigan I got from Clubcouture as well. Instant flush of vibrancy to any outfit, and keeps you from the cold!


Whites are big this season, and that includes off-white. You can wear the colour on blouses, or a pretty chiffon dress like above.

I've also linked up ClubCouture in my sidebanner. Do click on it for new collections!

Also. Check out the pictures of the other gorgeous ambassadors on their facebook album!

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