Friday, May 6, 2011

Ganbatte Japan

Ganbatte Japan!

Me and several other bloggers participated in this charity drive for Red Cross Japan at Park Royal ballroom some time back! If you came to support, THANK YOU!

I got something from this little booth selling canvas bags!


We had to purchase these monopoly-money-vouchers in order to shop around the booths. Spend $20 and above got chance to get into lucky draw!

Guess who is showcasing his paris pollaroid collection! Can recognise anot??

Picture with cutie miyake. Love her outfit that day! Don't have her full body pic. Go her blog see!

8/10 of Eric. Lol.

Guess who wants to give a hug??

Ben! He was selling hugs that day! Hao-ting is fan-service for his girl readers, but nan-ting he is lazy to prepare!!!!!

Me and Valerie set up a ringlight booth and makeover for our readers! Eric and her having fun!

Eric holding the hand-made fan that Valerie's parents made. So sweet and many efforts!

The two busy girls, Qiuting and Sophie.
First to arrive, last to pack up. Kelian!!!!! Haha! Such different fate from Jessica and Sam, who had similarly good business, arrived the latest and finished the fastest lol.

Outfit by

We had buffet dinner at Park Royal hotel with the rest first, and then we went to do our nails at Bugis Milly!

Cute right the shoes! Milly have these 'disposable' slippers for people who have covered shoes and wet pedicure.

Eric and Adriano went to buy bubbletea back while we relax and chitchat!

Fun! I'll post up our ringlight photos soon!

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