Sunday, May 15, 2011

Colorblocking Trend

Tips for the Colorblocking trend!

Colorblocking is not a new trend but it is definitely appearing alot in magazines and fashion blogs recently. Many international online stores are starting to stock up on bright bold colours and it is sure a welcoming sight for adventurous and daring fashionistas.

However, colorblocking is not easy to pull off. It is necessary for one to understand the basic tips before attempting it.

Choosing the colours

The popular choice is red and orange, purple and bright yellow this season. However, if you do not want to look too loud, you may settle with pastel versions of the colours.

Wearing it to enhance your body shape

The colorblocking trend is beneficial to how your body looks, if you know the tricks!

Basically, if you are pear shaped, wear a brighter color on top and a darker color on the bottom. And vice versa.

Wear brighter on the bust area and bum area, pairing with darker color on the waist. This will give you the illusion of hourglass figure.

There are also other ways you can follow this trend without being too over.

- Wear two rings/bangles of contrasting colours on one finger/hand
- Rainbow headband
- Colorblock Bags

I tried colorblocking on my own nails! I paired contrasting colours and added white stripes to divide them.

(I need to brush up on my manicure skills!!)

Colors used:
Blue, Dark pink, green and dark purple.

Wear bold color shoes that is of contrast to the color of your outfit.

Have fun colorblocking!

However, I feel that although this trend is showing up everywhere in runways and international online stores, I feel that not many stores in Singapore are stocking up on them. I guess that not many people here are daring enough?

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