Monday, May 2, 2011


So angry at Mcdelivery now!!!
I thought it was supposed to be the 24/7 best and most reliable choice??

They recently started a $3 delivery charge for online orders and $3.50 for phone orders, probably to reduce number of calls and encourage automated online orders.

And so, I tried to order online. I was in a rush for time already, and I had just enough time for the meal to arrive before I had to leave the house.

In the end??
I tried using mastercard, but the secure code couldn't get through no matter how many times I tried. Then I tried my visa card. SAME THING.

WTF? What is this secure code anyway when it doesn't work accurately?? Wah, now I don't know to be angry at Mcdonalds or at the stupid faulty thing that visa and mastercard use. It's not first time already! I remember the last time I tried to book movie tickets online using my mum's card, it kept giving error too!

What's the point of encouraging online ordering when it's FULL OF PROBLEMS???? Do away with the stupid securecode thing lah, if want to use it, make sure it doesn't have any problems! I don't mind 1-time faulty, but retry so many times still error?????

And so I gave up and tried to call the delivery hotline. All operators are busy. Tsk.

Pissed. Wasted so much time and I'm still hungry now.
Not gonna order anymore. (I can't try anymore anyway, it's time to rush out of the house already. PFFFFTTTTTT.)

I wish there are more 24/7 delivery options that doesn't require a $12 minimum purchase so that I don't have to keep relying on just ONE option. I'm stuck with Mcd cos it's the only one that allows less than $12 purchase! How do you expect me to finish more than $12 worth of food ALONE?


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