Sunday, May 1, 2011



The girls have been talking about a baking session for some time and we finally materialized it!

First, we went to shop for ingredients! There's a baking supplies shop near Fidelis house and I'm so jealous my neighbourhood don't have such shop! So fun to shop in it, got lots of cute toppings, icings and lots of other stuff!

All of them wore pop colours to suit the easter theme!

Back in Fidelis' home.....

Getting ready!

We bought ready-made fondant, because we do not know how to make them! We also bought a tube of decorating icing. I'm all for pre-made supplies. Lol. Usually when I bake, I use cake mix too!

However, this time we are making the cake from scratch!

Yay, done!

After putting it into the oven, it's time to roll the fondant and make cute shapes! (The most exciting part hahaha) I've never played with fondant before, I always think that it looks fun to play with!

Like plasticine right!

Damn fun! Bunny, butterfly, bear, cat, hearts!

And we added flour cos it kept sticking onto our plates! And in the end cannot stick to our cupcakes lol. I wonder how it actually should be done.

Our cake is readyyyyyyy.

Vanilla cupcakes!

Final product! Me love the colors ^^

Lol. We were trying to utilise all the fondant we have cut! That explains why some of the cupcakes are spammed.

These with icing.

Fidelis' room!

With her :D

Had fun! Would love another baking session sooon ^_^ Baking with many people and at someone else' home is alway good :p

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