Friday, May 27, 2011

The Past Week


This was my lunch for that day! Was supposed to have lunch shortly after, so I opted for yogurt. Turns out we didn't have enough time so I starved till dinner time. *Kelian*


Dropped by to get some stuff.

Marina Bay Sands

I like the structure of the hotel building!

Top from TheBlogShop paired with jeggings.

Dinner was omelette at Coffee Bean.

Our hotel room!

The next morning, my doorlock spoilt. Haha.

Rise and shine!

Ready for breakfast? I love having hotel buffet breakfast. Gives me the motivation to wake up from the comfy bed!

My hearty american breakfast!

The dimsum wasn't awesome, much to my disappointment.

A cup of coffee to perk up my energy!

My colleague laughed when she saw me with a big plate with nothing except these two items. Lol. Not i intentionally one ok, is nothing else catch my eye what!

Back to hotel room to finish up some work.

Take some pictures first. Hahaha.

Cute bunny top from TheBlogShop.

Ordered ice-coffee cos it was one of the cheaper options available on the room service menu. Haha. Mineral water $6, Ice coffee $8, of course I chose the latter!

Bf was so sweet ^^
Because I was so busy at work recently and went home very late every night, he actually bought liangcha and chicken wings want wait at my house void deck to surprise me. In the end he forgot I was staying at MBS that particular night... so his trip down was futile. But still, I am so gan dong!

Picture of his AI XIN LIANG CHA hehe:

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