Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Firstly, vote for SHEYLARA !
( Go to her post to look at the details:
http://sheylara.com/2008/06/30/omy-im-in-the-spore-blog-awards/ )
Personally i find her blog interesting, and would occasionally read it when i have the time ^^

Next up:
This is funny! And i find the girl super cute too :D

8th Month Anniversary
with Boyfriend.

Settled at Jack's Place for dinner after school. Boyfriend chose a dark corner for our dinner. There was a small candle in the middle of the table and i told him it's a candlelight dinner!

I was torned between two dishes and Boyfriend was sweet enough to ditch his choice and bought those two dishes that i wanted instead. He was also sweet enough not to eat beef as he knew that i can't eat it cos of religious beliefs. I told him that if he eat beef he cannot kiss me after that. haha!

I love the lamb chop! The grilled fish was tasteless though.

His look whenever i say that he cannot eat the food first, must let me take photos first. Haha.

Boyfriend liked this fish!

Between coffee, tea or me,
boyfriend chose coffee!!
I chose cake lor.

Went shopping after that and bought 3 dresses and a top. Wanted to buy new bags and heels too but couldn't find any nice ones. Aww.

Invited to LG and Yahoo's exhibition,
at Communicasia.

Thanks to Gavinfoo and Sabrina.

Me and isaac were super late! Can say that i made him late lah, because he had to take a cab from Woodlands all the way to Pasir ris to pick me up and then to Expo.

We were almost 50 minutes late! So paisei. We were afraid that the others would think that we are being diva-ish, but actually we seriously wasn't! We are just those kind of people who are always late because of stupid reasons.

When we reached, we were given passes to enter the premises as it was not open to public. Only people with passes can enter the tradeshow. I guess those business people?

The man at the entrance asked us what we are here for, and we replied: "errr, i dont know? i was just invited.."

The man was very fierce and said: "you come here without knowing what you are here for???"

So fierce!

The man at the entrance was reprimanding isaac for wearing shorts to a tradeshow. Luckily Gavin was there and he told the man: "He's a blogger" like it's okay for a blogger to break the rules. Haha.

When we reached the LG booth, there was a danceshow that was quite amazing but i didn't find any pictures for that.

Winnie was working there!

I think LG phones are really pretty, especially those touchscreen types. Too bad im a lousy touchscreen user.
Andrea working at LG! Still as pretty as ever. My eyes covered because too little eye makeup that day.
We were ushered to the Yahoo's booth shortly after and we had milo icecream! Yummms.

Winnie staring at isaac fiercely because isaac treats peggy better! haha.

My dress for the day. A plain grey dress with a grey belt :) Look at the huge goodiebag! In our goodie bags was bags, including a laptop bag which im currently using, a funny yahoo button and several other items :)

I dont know who's hand that was. haha.

The next thing that happened was that Peggy's heel broke. I was saying things like "yuan lai mei nu also got unglam things happen one"... Haha. Dont you think that pretty people are always glam and dont have unglam things happening one? Peggy proved us wrong. haha.

Winnie came to the rescue! :D

Time to get serious, we went to look at the phones. Seriously, i didn't really remember what the guy said. Im sorry! I caught bits and bits but i shan't put them here in case i place the wrong info. I think Dawnyang's blog did mention quite some details.

Not much pictures of myself cos erm, i look ugly in the pics.

After the event, we had dinner at a restaurant outside Expo! It was breakfast+lunch+dinner for me.

We threw all the veggies and things we dont like on isaac's plate and made him look like a dirty eater!

We ended up talking about sex. hahaha.
You guys arent going find out what are the contents :)

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