Thursday, July 17, 2008

Is it the Hungry Ghost Festival already???
Are the gates open yet??

This morning i smelled a weird smell and shouted to dad who was in another room: "Got a very smelly smell leh." I thought it was the gas from the kitchen and right after i said those words out of my mouth, i realised that it was actually incense smell. OMG. I SAID "SMELLY" LEH!!

What if the hungry ghost get angry at me?!

I was just worried that the gas in the kitchen would explode.
Not really smelly larrrrrrrrrrr T_T

I was listening to songs at youtube afew days ago and found this comment hilarious. Hahaha.

Just had lunch with Weicherng and Ryan!
Today didn't wear high heels felt super short between them :(
Kept laughing until my eyes become very very small.

And they bullied me. 2 against 1. No fair!
If you see a picture of my ezlink floating around the net,

and WC is rich!

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