Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The morning before yesterday, i spent the most NOT-WORTH-IT money!!

As i didn't want to be late anymore for school as my grades are kinda poor because i kept oversleeping every morning, i decided to take the cab today.

Totally regretted the decision!

The cab driver was driving at a super slow speed! At first i think "nevermind lah, i still got alot of time"... So i didn't bother him.

Then, we reached to a mild traffic jam. His lane was moving the slowest, while the rest of the lanes were quite clear. BUT HE DIDN'T CHANGE LANE LEH! He waited at our lane like he can't see the both lanes beside us are clear -.-

Very pekchek to see so many cars passing us while i was at the same spot for dunoe how long!

I dont mind traffic jams because it's a lucky-or-suay thingy mah. But if the other lanes are clear and the driver didn't bother to change lane, it makes me angry!

The clocked ticked 8.29 am, which was one minute before my school starts, and im still like super far away from school!

I gave up and sat there looking at the other cars moving past us. I dont know why he like to choose the lane where there are like 3 or 4 big trucks in the same lane, infront of him. He should know trucks move very slow one what -.- He still sit there happily waiting.

Another thing that made me even more boiled up was that while we are stuck on lane 2, and the lane 1 at the left side was moving smoothly. He waited at the lane 2 for like super long, before changing his mind and moving to lane1, which turns to another smaller road that leads to my school. WAHLAO! He's supposed to use that lane anyway to get to my school why he still wait at lane 2 ???!

When i reached school it was already 9+, which is like super late and the same time i would have reach if i took the cheap bus! The cabfare was alot more than what i usually pay also lor!

I always dont mind to take cab no matter how high the fare is, because i can reach faster and more comfortably. But this is like one of the rare times when i totally regret taking cab lor. Wasted so much $$ and reached school at the same time as when i take the bus, totally defeats the purpose of me taking a cab -.-

The worse thing is, the cab stinks.

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