Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Just dyed my hair!

Chose dark soft brown, but in the end the results turned out quite blackish! Look like those asian natural hair.


I dont like. Who says darker tones looks nice on me? It doesn't.

Will be going to the hair salon with Fidelis tomorrow to see what changes can be done to it. Maybe i'll put some highlights. The colour is too boring now.

Pictures soon!

My previous perfume [Miss Dior Cherie] was getting empty, so i thought of getting a new one. Didn't want to get back the same scent as i have got quite tired of it after so long.

I initially wanted to get the [Salvatore Ferragamo's Incanto Heaven], but after spraying and sniffing and comparing it with [Incanto Charm] and [Incanto Shine] from the same series, my final choice was....

Incanto Shine!
Actually i thought [Salvatore Ferragamo] would be cheaper than [Dior], but turns out the pricing was somehow around the same range.

*happy girl*

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