Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hadn't been blogging much about my life because i've stopped taking pictures when i go out! Haha. I dont actually take much pictures when im out with non-blogger friends because most of them dislike to camwhore, and i feel that i should spend my time enjoying instead of taking pictures!

Afterall, we're only doing mundane things, in plain tee and pants! Nothing interesting anyway :)

I've started to love wearing slippers instead of high heels. It's so much more comfortable, but i HAVE TO wear long pants if i wear slippers, because my legs would look way too huge if i wear a dress or short pants.

Had a hectic week, many things happen. Sometimes things happen that makes me cry uncontrollably, some things make me smile, and some things make me wake up every morning for a reason :)

Anyway, my photographer friends are looking for models!

If interested, please email to with your:
name, height, portfolio url, hourly rates and contact number.

For non-experienced girls who wants to try out some free photoshoots, can also email me at and i'll forward your email. Include your name, contact number, height, 3 face shots and at least 1 full body shot. Include your limitations like whether you can do bikini/lingerie, or only fashion. If my friends are interested, we'll contact you.

For those who did a photoshoot with me and Jayden afew months ago, please email me for the pictures :) thanks!

Alright, my internet keeps going offline and im pissed off. Shall blog another day! :)

Ohya! I have two things to ask!

1) Do you babes have any great hair salons to intro? Do include the price range each of the treatments like perm/rebond, dye, hair extensions, haircut.

2) Anyone has any parttime/flexible timing/freelance jobs? I wanna earn more!

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