Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Yay! I figured out the codes and my new blogskin is now up! I guess my blog looks more kiddish now. hahaha. Which one do you guys prefer? The old or the new? :)

Anyway, CALLING ALL BLOGSHOPS out there, if you wants to advertise your shop at my blog but doesn't have enough money for entry advertorials, you can opt for a cheaper option of a link through my blog! Look at my sidebar, i have a new section where i list all the blogshops- of course, with a tiny fee ! Definitely more affordable than my usual advertorial rates. Not guaranteed to make your sales better, since readers would normally click on the more interesting blog name. I hope that as the list grows longer, and more readers search for blogshops through the list, your blogshop would get more sales! :)

Email me at the-ice-angel@hotmail.com for the details and pricing ^^

If you are richer, you may opt for banner ads since it's more attractive than a bloglink.

After the visit to Music Story for the advertorial, i had a sudden interest in singing. Went to Kbox afew days after. No pictures, cos i didn't allow any video taking of me singing. Hahaha, my singing is horrible, thanks to mum's genes! =P

I remember in the past poor me and my poor friends would go to those lousy community centres karaoke rooms to sing out hearts out, and it'll only cost less than $10 for one person. That, was when i was just a little poor secondary student and have not started earning my own money. The sound system is stil quite alright, and a fair amount of trendy and updated songs.

Then as i start to earn money on my own, i tried Kbox and fell in love with it! I dont know why. Maybe im superficial and materialistic, prefering 'brand' than 'economic'. I also like the fact that Kbox serves alcohol :D

2 jars of alcohol, a plate of nuggets and afew hours of singing left us with a hole in our pockets as wide as $75. Whooooosh. 2 person only leh!

Ate at Sakura international buffet restaurant at orchard. I prefer downtown east's branch, because they serve my favourite claypot chicken wings there and not in orchard. I was whining all the way during dinner that i want my claypot chicken wings. hah.

Dressing of the day! I dont usually wear caps, because it kinda doesn't suit my personality? My friend felt weird looking at me wear caps because i usually look so girly with my dresses and high heels.

Balcony Bar at Heeren. I love watching people.

Grasshopper and Tequila Sunrise :)

Met up with another friend after i left balconybar.

The night ride on the bike was... exciting. My first ride on bikes! My legs were trembling and friend kept laughing at me -.- Cold cold cold when the wind blows. I was wearing a dress and high heel! Oh my.

Im sure i prefer cabs :)

I love days like this, going against reality.


The white hoodie i was wearing in the pictures above are sponsored by this blogshop!


I personally love the white hoodie alot. On days when i feel fat and flabby, but still feel like wearing a simple tube dress, i would use this white hoodie to cover my arm flabs. Since it's white, it's almost impossible to find something that i can't match it with!

I like the fact that it's short sleeve, because it doesn't leave me with sweat when the weather gets too warm.

I also received other items:

This black eyelash glue!
Many friends has been asking me where i got my black eyelash glue from, now you guys can purchase it at http://fastergrabyoursnow.blogspot.com/ !

It's so convenient because you can easily stick the fake eyelash back to your eyes without being afraid that white glue stuff might be seen, especially if you are not the kind to bring the whole makeup kit out.

Compact and light,
There's a stick inside for easy applying of lashes too!

The other items is a belt and this blue floral dress! Floral dresses are the trendy thing now, so get it from them at an affordable price! I dont think i suit floral dresses, but the model wearing the dress at their shop is definitely suitable for it. Go see it for yourself :) If you are petite, im sure you'll look sweet in the floral dress too!

I love the belt. Black and Gold doesn't go wrong together.
What are you waiting for? Enter their shop by clicking on the above picture! :)

Or if you want, i'll show the link here again:

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