Monday, July 14, 2008

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I think girls will have better karma than boys in their next life.

Because we all contribute our monthly blood donation from the time we are little teenagers till we are mothers of several naughty kids.

Boys, at this point of time, you should know today’s post isn’t for you :) But if you want to understand more about why your girlfriend is always throwing her temper on you at a particular time of the month, then you are welcomed to continue reading. Haha.

Tell you a little secret.
I used to love being a girl and having monthly periods.

Ya ya.

Haha. The reason why I love having periods is because it gives me an excuse to stay out of P.E. in secondary school. (if you are not a Singaporean and doesn’t know what that means, it is Physical Education, in other words, compulsory exercising).

Me and my girl friends would hold our stomachs and tell teacher that we are having cramps and is feeling too uncomfortable for exercising. Great!

Mum would also cook a very tasty tonic soup for me! So nice to be pampered during that time of the month!

Over the years, I’ve been trying out different brands of sanitary pads but most of the brands make me itch and only a few reputable brand could make me satisfied.

One of them is KOTEX.

All of us young, energetic and vibrant girls want to enjoy every single day of our youth and not worry about the uncomfortable period. However, it’s inevitable since we are born ladies, so the next best thing would be KOTEX!

Every time while other girls are complaining of the discomfort, I would be secretly smiling to myself knowing that I have my trusted and comfy Kotex.

Its comfort and dryness is the thing that attracts me most to this brand. It’s so comfortable that I don’t even remember that im having my period sometimes!

Oh ya, I also love the prints on the pads– Pretty with flora designs on it. Girly girly, just what I love being.

Check out this pretty flora organizer! I think this box is super useful. I can use it to organize the pads and even my accessories!

Another problem during periods is that I always had to avoid white or body hugging dresses whenever im having my periods because im afraid of visible pad lines. But ever since I found Kotex Ultrathin, my worries became a thing of the past! Not only do I I feel more confident, I don’t have to be afraid that I might leak and stain my favourite white dress. This way, I can concentrate on the more important things in my life like dating, shopping and hanging out with my wonderful friends! Yes, especially with the pad absorbing 2 times faster than normal pads, I feel dry all the time!

Whenever my period starts unexpectedly, my savior would be this convenient 5pieces mini pack ! Thank god I don’t have to lug around a full size pack during emergencies!

I also got to know about this promotion going on currently, and im going to share it with you lovely girls!

Besides enjoying life without worries with our trusted pack of Kotex, we get a chance to win $100 cash EVERYDAY, Every time we purchase $5 worth of Kotex Ultrathin.
Just call 1800 6222 888 to enter the contest. Easy right?!

If you don’t win the daily draw, there’s a chance to win the grand prize- $1000!

For more info about the promotion, you can CLICK HERE.

I’ve always think that having fun should never be hindered by having periods! You should always Be Absolutely You!

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