Sunday, July 27, 2008

Maybe i should change my hairstyle every week! Only then you guys would start moving your lazy fingers and comment! Haha. Im super happy at the number of good comments im getting over my new hairstyle in the previous post. It has been so long since most of you commented!

I used to have many random comments on each post but recently most of you are getting so lazy that you dont comment anymore, and i only get afew kind souls each day :(

I know i dont reply to comments (cos im lazy like you!), but it's so ridiculous that im having higher hits than some of my blogger friends but they get WAY MORE comments than i do -.-

Every blogger love comments okay. It shows that the visitors on their stats are actually reading!

Anyway, im not blogging about my hair today!


Met up with that babe on her birthday :)
Got her a Charles & Keith pink bag. Really matching with one of her high waist skirt that is also bright pink!

Had our girly chat over bubble tea outside century square.

Then shopping!

Me and Bestie bought the same design shades, but different colour.

Denver and RuoXuan came along shortly after.

Slacked at CenturySquare's beautiful washroom~ until we forgot Denver was waiting for us outside =p

Dont ask me why i was wearing shades in the washroom -.- we were camwhoring with our shades before this picture what!

Seoul Garden! I paid $31 to eat only Chicken and Prawns -.-

Pretty Bestie!

Suping came along to disturb! hahaha.
Cass came over after dinner. Fiona was super tall that day because all of us were wearing flats and she was wearing heels!


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