Thursday, June 5, 2008


I just finished my last dose of anti-biotics last night :)

Doctor gave me a 5day dosage that i have to complete even after my sickness end. I have to eat 2 pills 3 times a day, but most of the time i forget because the medicine is supposed to be eaten after meals but i seldom have meals at home. I usually eat outside and forget to bring my medicine. So most of the time, i just eat 2 pills after supper at home, which is once a day. that's why the dosage has been dragged all the way till today.


I'm again having very strong urge to go travelling all over the world! My greatest ambition is to be able to find a job that can let me travel to many parts of the world and experience the life, interesting things there.

How great life would be if i could have limitless amount of money to go travelling and holidaying in other parts of the world, and also updating my blog with the lovely pictures and experiences i had!

If only my blog alone could earn $10,000 a month, then i can make travelling/holidaying my career and my job is to update you guys with my journey!


Stop daydreaming esther.
Never would life be so kind to you =[

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What Spells SWEET?

They are one of the most efficient blogshop owners i've ever met :)
Polite, fast, and lovely clothes! What more could you ask for?

The transaction was fast and their replies were really quick. I really like their service, effort and politeness.

At first they only asked me to choose a sponsored piece from their blogshop, but afew days later when the package arrived, i realised that they added an extra piece for me! Lovely girls aren't they? hee.

Oh ya, they're also very sincere to their customers! They would take a picture of their package and email them to the customers for reassurance. A big big plus. Really thoughtful aren't they?

I find their blogshop layout neat and pretty, with a cute petite model. Haha. Also, they aren't that new so you can also browse through their previous items! There's lots to choose, im sure you'll find one that you really love!

Everyone loves floral prints nowsaday, you'll find lots of them in the shop.

Most importantly, i really love the pieces they gave me!

I chose this, sugar rush.
That reason why i chose these piece instead of the floral ones was because i wanted to find a classic piece that i can wear anywhere without being afraid that it'll get outdated so soon.

The quality of the cloth is great! Not those $15 pieces you see at bugis street. It's elastic, and most importantly it compliments the body shape! You'll look as sexy as Jessica if you have curves like her and wear this dress.

I fell in love with it the moment i wore it. Lovely little details.

This piece of Patchwork Dream was chosen by them. This one is CUTE!!! If you are shorter than me, you can wear it as a super sweet dress. Sadly for me, i would have to wear pants inside if not my butt would be showing when i bend down.

I felt very comfortable wearing both of the dresses and if i were you, i'll click into the link now! Join the mailing list to get fast updates and grab the newest pieces. Swivelle is for sweeties like you!

P.S. I like their newest collection of basic offshoulder tops. Go grab them now!

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