Monday, June 16, 2008

In a super embarassing pose!

Was walking down the bus when i tripped and fell, face front -.-
And because i was wearing a dress, i guess my butt showed. Everyone was looking! Damn paisei leh!

Bruises on my arms and legs, but luckily my face was spared.

Told boyfriend about my butt being exposed, and he LAUGHED!! Evil boyfriend, tsk.

Me: Aiya, today i never wear pretty panties!
Boyfriend: At least you wore something!!


Boyfriend bought these things back from KL for me :)

Braun Buffel's Wallet :) Love boyfriend, he was so reluctant to buy a wallet for himself but he spent it on me instead ^^

2 tops and a keychain! A stands for Angel.

Dating with boyfriend! We love eating here :)

Boyfriend introduced this wanton mee in dhoby ghaut. Yummy, but the chef takes a really long time to cook it.

Icecream supper!
Was very satisfied with my buys :)

New shades (i broke mine), bangles (silver, black, white), 3 cheap earrings, 2 cheap necklaces, fake nails, a dress, and a new silver bag!

I had been eyeing the golden version of the bag 2 weeks ago but when i came back another day, the gold one was gone already. Sad!

Alright, gonna put on my fake nails now. BB!

Updated: Just finished putting my fake nails on with the help of naggy fiona!! It feels weird!! So hard to type! Feels like the nail is going to come off whenever i click on a key. i would so much prefer a real manicure although fake nails is faster.

Anyway, i just realised that i have a new problem now. How am i going to take out my contact lens tonight?? Shit.

Pictures of my nails soon if im not lazy :)

2nd update: Very hard to sms too!! =(

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