Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Whenever i get home, i would just throw my heels into a shoebox and stack them on top of my other shoeboxs.

That's why my little shoe room gets so messy after afew days and mum would nag nag nag. Haha.

The whole shoe room has a little carpet, a platform to sit and wear difficult shoes, and a shoe rack to put our shoes in. Ironically, most of our shoeboxs are outside the shoerack because me and mummy loves buying new shoes all the time.

While mum's heels aren't very high, but her shoes are those bling bling type that taitais love to wear. I think mum's life was fated to be a taitai but too bad daddy isn't a billionaire.

Haha. As for me, i seldom buy flats because i can borrow them from sister. I banned sister from buying heels because no matter how high my heels are, a little inch added to her i'd be shorter than her. She's so tall that everyone thought she's the older sister!

Most of my heels are either white, black, silver or grey! And recently a pair of golden heels added to my collection.

The $60 golden heels was kinda a stupid buy. It's so high that if i wear it out to go shopping people will think im crazy. I think it's more for events, but i've not been invited to any events that is glamourous enough like star awards to wear it to :(

Those higher ones.

I love ichiban's chawanmushi!!~

I can eat 5 of this.

I like this.

I've not been camwhoring much recently. Guess even myself is getting tired of my face. haha!

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