Friday, June 6, 2008

Met up with boyfriend for a date last night and realised that he changed his spectacles.

"Now i see you more clear already :) ", boyfriend said happily.

"Ya, Ya... Even my pores look bigger now -.- " I replied.

haha! I wish he would look at me with blur eyesight though. That way, i'll be beautiful and flawless to him :D

In fact, i wish everyone would have bad eyesight. Bleah. Everytime i look into the mirror without spectacles, i feel super happy because the blur image in the mirror shows a flawless little girl. But as soon as i put on my contacts, the clear image in the mirror reflects the sharp image of myself with the freckles and wrinkles.

Now i know why i always hate new spectacles when i was a kid. Because new spectacles are clearer and makes me feel that i've grown uglier when i look into the mirror.

Bought a wallet for boyfriend.
Yay, now he has something from me that will follow him wherever he goes.

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