Thursday, June 19, 2008

Fiona says im crazy because for the whole morning i was laughing at the computer screen non-stop. Spent the morning reading afew blogs and some bloggers are super funny that i keep laughing and smiling to myself like some lunatic.

Actually didn't want to blog today because i've been blogging everyday recently but then i couldn't control my urge because i've have so much to share with you guys!

Oh ya. Next time if anyone says that im UGLY, I'll tell him/her/it that it means:
(U)=Ultra (G)=Gorgeous (L)=Lovely and (Y)=Yummy

So if you had been commented "UGLY" by numerous boliao people, now you know that you are VERY ultra gorgeous lovely and yummy.


Look at this picture. DAMN CUTE RIGHT!!!
I would feel bad to eat them up.

Oh ya, i tried using the Revlon Mineral Foundation today! LOVELY! It's so natural looking. Now i know peggy and fidelis wasn't exaggerating yesterday when they kept commenting how smooth their faces were. Haha.

However, i love and hate camera flash!
I love it because it contrasts my face and gives it more depth.
I hate it because it always make my face look patchy!

The patches can't be seen in real life so whenever i see patches in my pictures i dont know how to make them right in real life!

I was at an event yesterday and i was super horrified when i realised my face is so patchy under the camera flash. But when i tried to fix it, i dont know how to, because my foundation is already so thick and if i apply some more, i'll look like a super white ghost. Another reason is because under normal lights my patches can't be seen! How to fix it when you can't even see the patches???!!

Hate my camera.

Ate at Crystal Jade Kitchen that day with family for grandpa's father day celebration. No pictures cos my camera died.

Dont like the service.
Where got waiter ask customers to keep moving aside when food is coming one?

Daddy is the blue one, im the pink one.
We are both sitted at that suay place where the waitress keep coming from. Very irritating to keep moving aside one leh. And we ordered 11 dishes, plus the rice and drinks all that, imagine how many times we have to move???

Luckily half way through they served from the other side where my mother and auntie suffers instead.

I thought waitress suppose to hold tray with one hand and the other hand to serve the food? If cannot then get another waiter to come and help, just like what i sometimes do when im at workplace. Understandable that sometimes some dishes are too heavy to hold with one hand but you can't demand your customers to stand up and push away their chair just so you can serve right?

Restaurant leh, not coffeeshop. The waitresses there also sound rude and impatient. I thought they should be sweet and gentle.

Blah, nevermind.
The food isn't very fantastic either.

Okay, i didn't really want to whine about it but i can't control. Haha. Im a very whiney person!


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