Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Im always one of the last to blog about events, so this time i'll be one of the first!

Sabrina invited me to this event which is right after my holiday trip! Was supposed to meet up with Jessica and Fidelis before the event at orchard but i ended up late and took a cab from home instead.

Photo credits to Aaron Koh and my camera :)

Botanical Gardens!
I've only been there afew times in my life. Once was for a school excursion many years ago, and the others were for photoshoot purpose. I've never liked the Singapore Botanic Garden. Although it's a pretty place, it's boring and hot in there. Afew minutes standing in the middle of the park would result in you sweating like mad. Hate sweating! - Especially with makeup. Especially when you are doing a photoshoot or attending an event.

Luckily, the event at Halia Restaurant was air-conditioned!

The bloggers. 3 other tables were for the media and magazine editors.

Art Miller talking.
Spot me in the picture! Love the hair here.

Me and my lovely Fidelis!!

Lovely girls that were also invited to the event:
My vicious lady- Jessica.
Jessica and Averral.

Sabrina and Peggy.


I dont have individual photos of Rinaz and Feliza.

Bree talking about the new range of Revlon's mineral makeup, and demonstrating it on a girl.

She says that she always get pimples if she slept with makeup on, but this revlon mineral makeup left her with none! Amazing.

Realising that we have all been doing it wrong with our blusher.

Andy Lee's demonstration.

3 colour eyeshadows! The design is really nice.

After that, we went to experiment and play with the makeup.

Peggy posing with her brush.
Asked Andy lee, celebrity makeup artist for tips and he helped me with my makeup.

Rinaz showed me this function on my camera. I didn't even know about it!

Girls having fun.

I love sabrina's car, because she's kind enough to always drive me here and there :) I dont want her to change to her new 2-seater!!

The girls were gossiping about stingy boys in the car. Haha. Fun!

As gifts, we had a lipstick (shade is too dark so i gave it to mum), mineral foundation, eyeshadow, and 2 blushes. Very very pleased. Still abit reluctant to use the eyeshadow because it looks so nice untouched, haha.

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