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Taiwan: Xi Men Ding

Xi Men Ding was our favourite place in Taipei. I've liked this place even before I came, mainly because of how it was portrayed in 5566's idol drama 西街少年 during my teenage years. This is the place where the cool crowd hang out, the place where youngsters gather. To me, Taiwan's Xi Men Ding in Taipei is like Hong Kong's Causeway Bay and Japan's Shibuya in Tokyo. Somehow they are quite similar, yet special in their own way. And guess what, these three places are my favourite in all three countries. Looks like I'm still young at heart. Haha.

Of course we had to try the famous meeswa! 阿宗面线!

Verdict, yes it's nice! After days of meh food in other parts of Taiwan, I conclude that I like Taipei's food best.

We were recommended to try the bittergourd juice here! Not a fan of bitter stuff but decided to buy a cup anyway.

It wasn't as bad as I thought! Refreshing, with a bitter aftertaste.

Also went to this shop for some desserts! Business seemed good, so it should be quite nice!

My top is from Earthdoll :)

Someone told us that we must buy the duck wings at 老天祿滷味, so we joined the long queue. While queuing, there was a little 'band' singing outside.... and the lead singer was super out of tune. It's not even the slightly-off type. It's the very very very off type. I wonder why the other band members don't mind performing with him in public? The rest are not bad with their instruments. And nobody came up to tell them the truth..... Suddenly I feel that the people there are very nice and encouraging! It's like you are free to chase your own dreams and nobody will say you can't. That's very good actually.

We got chicken drumsticks because it's usually tender than duck meat (they have other varietions too) AND IT WAS SO GOOD. The meat was very well marinated and it's like, the yummiest 滷味 I ever had in my entire life. If I live there, I'd probably have it every single day. Can they open a branch in Singapore please??

Exact address: No. 55, Section 2, Wuchang St, Wanhua District, 台北市 Taiwan 108

Went into one of the malls!

My grandparents were tired of walking by then so we had our dinner at KFC!

Soon after the rest hopped onto a taxi to go back to the hotel, we decided to go back to the 滷味 stall to dabao chicken wings.

By luck, we walked passed the Modern Toilet Restaurant and I squealed in delight because I was hoping to visit it but didn't know where it was! Of course we must go!

Toilet seats for chairs, shit shape windows, and basin tables.

There is a minimum order by the way. We tried to choose all the "shitty" selections for the experience. Haha. We had such a good laugh in the restaurant! This place was probably our happiest moment in Taiwan. We were so amused by the curry in toilet bowl, as well as the bubbly drink in the urinal. Alot of the toilets in Taiwan are the squat type, and looks exactly like this. Haha.

So glad that we accidentally found this place!!!

Our hotel in Taipei was the Sunworld Dynasty Hotel. It's not near Xi Men Ding, but quite bustling too!

Opposite is the Taipei Arena, where many famous singers performed concerts at.

Near the train station too!

Went to this shopping mall for dinner on one of the nights.

Went into a Teppanyaki shop.

But the food was slightly disappointing. Tasted very average.

There's an Ikea here too! All within walking distance.

The breakfast buffet spred is the same everyday though.

My shopping buys in Taipei.

Wore it out to the pool immediately!

It was our last day in Taipei, getting ready to go home! My entire outfit is from Earthdoll!

Fruity outfits with sis! Pineapples and bananas. Haha.

Selfie while waiting at the lobby~ Let me tell you a joke that our guide told us! He said long time back, he told a tour group to wait at the lobby in the morning and don't be late. However, the next morning when he went to the lobby there wasn't anyone. Eventually, he found them by the roadside in the cold..... You know why? Cos they thought he said "lor-Bi", which is roadside in Hokkien! Hahah Lobby become Lor-Bi.

There was internet kiosk at the airport so I went to my blog and then left it there. HAHAHA. So narcissistic.

Coffee before we board!

That's all for Taiwan! Will blog about Japan soon.

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