Friday, March 25, 2016

Sometimes my dad quite blur hahaha

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In the past recent months, my dad has been telling me about this Filipino singer who was a very poor guy back in his hometown and he happened to have a very similar voice to a famous singer in a band and one day when something happened to that singer, the band searched YouTube and found this guy and this guy replaced the singer and became famous. It's like a male version of the Cinderella story.

So anyway, few months back he told me once. Then around a month later, he started to tell me this story again. I told him "errr you tell me before already". Lol.

After that, I think he told me about this guy again sometime later.

Then last night, he suddenly turned to me and said "you know hor, in Philippines there is this guy...." In my mind I was thinking "I have a feeling it's that story again." And indeed it was! Then I told him that he already tell me 3-4 times already hahaha and he said "really meh?"

Lol. Funny thing is, when I asked my mum if my dad mentioned anything about this singer, she had no recollection. When I asked my sis, she also never heard of it before. So means my dad has been telling me 3-4 times, but I'm the only one who kena? Hahahah. He's supposed to say once to three of us but I think he totally forgot and I kena all 3 to 4 times while the rest never got to hear his story.

You know how usually we find out something and immediately tell your close friends and then totally forget about it months later? Apparently dad had this on his mind for the past few months because he tried to tell me this story like once every month? Lol.

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