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Royal Caribbean Day 3

If I could have it my way, I'd be living in a nice mansion with the balcony overlooking my swimming pool so that I can have breakfast like this every day. But for now, this dream is a little impossible unless I strike the lottery or something, so I can only experience it in a balcony cabin onboard Royal Caribbean's Mariner of the Sea!

On the 3rd day, we ordered room service for breakfast! On Royal Caribbean cruises, room service is free of charge (except after midnight).

We had a super packed schedule on Day 3 because it was going to be our last full day on the cruise and we wanted to make full use of the time. The night before, I scrutinized the Cruise Compass to check out all the activities happening on this day and planned out the itinerary. My dad commented that the Cruise Compass is very helpful as it allows us to know what are the activities happening on the ship so that we don't miss anything.

So at 1030am, we gathered with many other guests for the Towel Folding Demonstration.

I made this tortoise!! Really look like hor?

Some of the animals they taught us to fold....

Me and my towel tortoise!

The beautiful view from the room.

Afterwards, we went to the promenade to wait for a special dance performance by Shrek! While waiting, there were lots of shopping to do!

And coffee....

My OOTD for the day!

Shrek came out for a short while and danced to the Gangnam Style! Laughed so much because at first Shrek was facing the other side. So we ran to the opposite side and dad started videoing. The moment he clicked the shutter, Shrek jumped over to face the opposite side, which was our original side. Hahaha.

Dance performance by the crew after that! So much energy!

Guess the price of the painting!

Took some photos while waiting for lunch :)

Lunch at the Main Dining Room since we haven't tried the lunch menu there.

Light lunch since we were still very full from breakfast! Going on cruise is definitely not for those who are trying to go on diet, because there is constantly food - breakfast, lunch, teabreak, dinner, and supper! The cruise fare includes cabin, meals at selected dining rooms, shows, activities, and most facilities on the ship. Although we did spend extra for additional stuff, it was overall quite shiok to not have to take out my wallet every time.

Took this family photo using self timer with my camera on the dustbin outside the lift. It had to be a quick shot because there are always people passing this corridor! Glad it turn out quite nice although the angle abit wrong haha.

Photo with sis while trying to share a chair that isn't meant for two person. Haha.

After lunch, we went for a Bingo session! It's one of my favourite and must-do programme on a cruise. Bingo is so fun! On Royal Caribbean, the game is played a little differently because for each round, there was a different winning pattern. So it's not that easy, but quite refreshing from the usual Bingo games!

We happened to pass by during the previous session and someone won within the first few moves. Super sian for the other players!! Haha.

Each sheet is 15USD if I remembered correctly.... Bought three sheets and unfortunately, there weren't many people participating for this round so the winning prize was lesser than usual.

We didn't win Bingo but at least we won the lucky draw! Got a Royal Caribbean shirt, water bottle and lanyard.

Afterwards, we went up to the pool deck for swimming!!! Glad that the weather was good!

Passed by the ice cream kiosk and decided to get one each!

It was crowded at the main pool with many kids so we went to the adults-only area.

I usually can't swim but not sure why, I managed to swim across this pool that day!!! So happy lah! And funny because after that two strangers asked us why were we swimming across the shorter side of the pool instead of the longer side... Hahah I don't dare to swim the correct direction because the other end is 1.6m! I'm only 1.6m lor, I'd better stay at 1.4m, at least my feet can touch the ground. Lol.

Oh ya, we also had a warm soak in the sauna before that!

Best thing is, after swimming we had sausage bread!

The staff was very friendly and nice, explained each of the different flavours they have!

The sausage was super yummy!

We went back to bathe and it's time for the Farewell Show at The Savoy Theatre!

The show was performed mostly by Tamara Guo, who was very very very funny!!! And her vocals were superb, the theatre cheered for her throughout, and some even gave a standing ovation when she was done.

Afterwards the cruise singers and shrek also came out for a short performance together with the Cruise Director. Definitely one of the most enjoyable show we had during the cruise.We loved the show so much that we didn't want it to end but it eventually did :(

Dinner time at the Main Dining Room again! It was mostly Asian and Thai cuisine on the menu.

Tom Yum soup to start!

Thai Fish Cake, which is nice.

The curry is good too. Somehow Day 3 felt perfect!

The vegetables were a slight disappointment though, because we were expecting those garlic stirfry type from zhichar stalls. Haha.

Opted for ice cream for dessert!

Plus a pretty strawberry souffle.

I posted in my previous entry about the outdoor movie screening at the pool deck but if you prefer something more enclosed, there is a screening room too! The movies played are quite new, that day was 'Everest'.

There were a few bars with live singers throughout the ship. On the last night, there was still alot of people around, I guess everyone else wanted to make full use of the day too.

One of the activities recommended to me before the trip was the 70's Street Disco Party so I made it a point to attend it and I am so glad I did, because it was so much fun even though I cannot relate to 70's music! The atmosphere was just fantastic. Check out the crowd... So many people enjoying the music performance, and dancing along too!

At several points, the performers even came down to dance with the crowd and then getting the crowd to form a line behind them while they danced around. I was amazed by how so many people were game enough to join in and the line got so long in the end! Can see that my parents enjoyed themselves too because the music were from their youth. Maybe next time can have 90s music party when I am old? Haha.

When the show end, everyone went to the Dragon's Lair to continue dancing to 70's music. I see so many of the uncles and aunties dancing away without a care in the world, almost as if they turned back time and went back to their youthful selves. I'm sure these people don't spontaneously dance like that back home anymore lor!

Towels waiting for us back in our cabin after a long night out! We went for the supper buffet at Windjammer after that... How to not gain weight like that?

Not sure what this is.... Dad says it's a koala. Haha.

The next morning, we had breakfast at Windjammer and very reluctantly alighted the cruise :(

Freshly cooked omelette!

It was very crowded but lucky us got a nice table by the window. I'd miss this view.

And I went back to work right after. So hardworking yes I know. Hahahaha. But I was soooooo tired because I barely rested during the trip which was quite funny because people always say cruises are boring and there'd be plenty of time to relax but there was so much to do on Royal Caribbean that we were chionging everywhere everyday. But that's how I like my holidays to be, and I've been raving about Mariner of the Seas to everyone around me after the trip. Of course, if you like to relax, can also lah, the itinerary is Free and Easy! There're enough activities for any type of people so I think everyone will love a cruise on Royal Caribbean, Mariner of the Seas.

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