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Royal Caribbean Day 2

We woke up early the next morning and headed to Rhapsody in Blue for our breakfast!

Here, the breakfast is table-service style, plus a side buffet. If you prefer a full international breakfast buffet, can head to Windjammer! I like how on cruises, we can alternate our breakfast food by going to different restaurants, unlike hotel breakfasts where it's usually the same few items! Also, it feels very shiok to be served for breakfast lah!

We ordered our main course from the menu and proceeded to the buffet for some sides. Actually, I feel that the variety is sufficient even without ordering from the menu!

Besides the usual western picks, there are also fruits and yoghurt... for those who prefer a lighter palate.

Nuts and cereal~ Mum loved this, because there are so many different kinds to choose from!

The waiter served us bread and juice while we wait for our main course. A truly lovely breakfast experience and great start to the day!

My sis ordered the Eggs Benedict, which was one of the specials that day.

Mum got the omelette, which was also on special.

For me and dad, we had the usuals of eggs, bacon, and sausage. Actually, the bacon and sausage is also available at the buffet spread, so I recommend ordering the specials! However, I was craving for a sunny side up so I got this.

An additional plate of french toast, for some sweet!

After that we went back to our comfortable and cozy room for some rest! It's really convenient to have our cabin within walking distance from all our activities. Even if I forget something, it's just a short walk away! I guess the good thing about cruises, is that the entire holiday is more controlled, hence good for families with little kids, or the elderly.

View from our cabin window~

On this day, our ship was docked at Pork Klang! The cruise provided a number of shore excursion options for its guests at different prices - the cheaper ones go to shopping malls, while the pricier ones are more cultural or experience-focused. Since my family went to most of the other shopping destinations before, we chose Sunway Pyramid, which is beside Sunway Lagoon.

I kind of regret not choosing the Sunway Lagoon amusement park option though, because we were so bored at Sunway Pyramid Mall. It's just like any mall in Singapore I feel.... Should have paid abit more for Petaling Street! I went there a few times when I was younger, and besides being more interesting than the usual malls, we loved the food there. Will blog about my time at Sunway Pyramid in a separate post after I finish blogging about the cruise!

The tour guide and coach arrangement was very organized though. The guide was very friendly and made extra sure to take care of every single one of us.

You can also alight the ship without these tickets, but we thought it's better to have everything arranged for us - the coach, the tour guide, etc. Especially since the port isn't very near the city and we would have to hail a cab to get to Kuala Lumpur.

If you choose to stay onboard, there are also many activities to choose from! While we were away, there was a Nintendo Wii Open Play, Family Photo Scavenger Hunt, Origami Class, Family Hula Hoop competition, Poolside Relay Race Game, Art Auction, Line Dance Class, Fashion Show, and even a Men's Belly Flop Contest!!

We went back to the ship at around 3pm+, and we rushed to Studio B for the ice skating session, which was scheduled for 4pm! Actually we were still planning to go for it on the 3rd day instead but luckily we went to try on the 2nd day because they told us the rink is not open for ice skating on the 3rd day as there was going to be another show.

Although there are limited slots per day, I thought it will be good enough to reach at 4pm sharp so I told my parents we will go back to our respective rooms first as I urgently needed to pee hahaha plus we are required to change into a more appropriate attire. On the way back to our rooms, we went the wrong way and wasted some time. Then I thought, instead of heading back to our rooms, I can just anyhow find a public toilet and pee there right? Lol so we changed plan and decide to queue first then change into our attire later. And thank goodness we did that, because the queue was already quite long although it was not even 4pm yet! We went in to sign the papers and take our queue number and were told that we cannot take for dad and mum. So we ran to our parents' room, and got them to faster go and queue and take their numbers. Although they also managed to secure a queue number in the end, it was a session after ours. Since we had some time before it starts, we quickly went back to our rooms to change into long jeans and socks (compulsory, so remember to pack it into your luggage!)

And guess what? I left my seapass in the room!! I couldn't get back into the room because the seapass is also the key to our room. And my sister's seapass was the key to my parents' room and the other alternate seapass to enter our room was with my mum. We needed the seapass in order to play the ice skating rink so we ran from level 2 to level 6 to get the seapass from my mum, ran back to our room to retrieve my own seapass, then ran to my parents' room again to return her seapass, and then finally ran to Studio B and thankfully we made it in time for our session!

Dad took photos for us but most of the photos he took of us were without the skates~ Like that how people know we skating!! By the way, I'm wearing the Dayre shirt!!! Follow me on Dayre as I have more personal updates there :)

Although I've skated before, I totally forgot how to already because it was quite some time back. So throughout the session I stayed close to the railings just in case. Most of the time one hand was holding onto something.... only towards the end I dared to make small steps without holding onto the rails!

Managed to get a nice full shot!

Mum and Dad's first time ice-skating! Nice chance for them to experience this as I doubt they would specially go ice skating in Singapore.

We had some time before dinner so we went up to the pool deck where the movie "The Intern" was showing on the outdoor big screen!

There was a Karaoke Party Time at Dragon's Lair, so I went to take a look too! Not bad yeah, except that I didn't dare to sing infront of the crowd so I only watched other people sing. Haha.

Finally it was time for dinner! It was formal night, but we were seated way in and didn't catch any of the performances at the main dining room. Saw so many people dressed to the nines, which is the way it should be!

Best dishes of the night was the salmon and duck. The portion is so generous too!

After dinner, there was a Battle Of the Sexes game show going on at the Lotus Lounge and we had a good laugh at the funny things the contestants had to do to win for their gender. So much laughter among the audience, and it was nice to see everyone relaxed and having a good time. 

After that, we went to the huge Savoy Theatre for a live production called "Gallery of Dreams", a showcase of music and dance. We got good seats right at the middle of the first few rows!

It was late by the time the show ended - then the 2nd drama of the day happened. I LOST MY SEAPASS!!!! This time I panicked because I have no idea where I dropped it. So we went back to the theatre but instead of finding my seapass, I found my bracelet - which I didn't even know I dropped! Hahaha.

Really couldn't find so we quickly went to the guest counter to request for a new seapass. Make sure you report loss as soon as possible because if someone else uses your card to purchase things, you would be chargeable. Luckily nobody managed to spend using my card before I cancelled it.

I like the decor of this pub- Wig & Gavel along the promenade! Feels like I'm on a real street overseas~

Where are we going?

Supper again at Cafe Promenade cos we tamchiak - and because it's free. Haha. If you love eating like me, you will be glad to know that there is free food onboard the cruise AT ALL TIMES. There are several restaurants to choose from during meal times and even in the middle of the night, there is still food available. You will never be hungry onboard.

Back to our rooms, we found an elephant on our bed. Haha. Cute!

Dad sent us a photo of a pig on his bed. Haha. I also forgot to mention, each cabin attendant is in charge of a number of rooms and it won't change throughout the stay. So anytime you need help, it will be the same friendly person serving you. During check in, they will drop by to check if everything's fine and whenever we walked pass the room attendants, they would always smile and ask about our day!

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