Tuesday, February 23, 2016

5 Reasons To Shop At Gumtree

As part of my recent collaboration with Gumtree, I participated with a booth at their recent flea market, which was a success! Live music, arty goods, free coffee and truffle fries - I had a great time!

Thanks everyone who came down to support, many managed to purchases brand new apparels from LyraMinn.com at awesome prices of $5-$10!

I also went around to look at the other stalls and there was an interesting mix of vendors, just like on the Gumtree app! Bf and me got airbrush tattoos done at one of the stalls.

Here's 5 Reasons To Shop At Gumtree!

1. Everything you need is on Gumtree

Gumtree is Singapore’s number 1 free online classified, where you can find anything including furnitures, electronics, books, clothes, and even services like a language teacher or a tennis partner!

The wide range of products available makes this my all-in-one app whenever I need to find something! So convenient!

2. Effortless shopping

If you haven't downloaded the Gumtree app, what are you waiting for? I like the easy to use interface, and it allows effortless shopping while on the go!

Don't worry about not having a credit card, because you can simple arrange a meet up with the seller using the app's chat system ~ which brings me to my next point!

3. Shop and sell on the go

There is an instant messaging function so that if you have any queries, can just reach the seller immediately! As a seller, I use the app to post my ads and reply to queries too, and it's so much easier than replying emails.

4. Exclusive deals from blogshops

Because it's free and so easy to post an ad on Gumtree, there are many sellers and this includes a variety of blogshops selling clothes, makeup, accessories, phone cases and more in a single platform! Some blogshops have collaborated with Gumtree to give shoppers exclusive deals not found on their official site, so if you are an avid Gumtree shopper, you got the deal!

LyraMinn.com for example, listed many brand new designs at only $5-$10, below cost price and more than 50% discount from the listed price!

5. I updated new products!

Find me on http://profile.gumtree.sg/estherxie or use the new search users function on the Gumtree app to get exclusive discounts off new arrivals from LyraMinn.com! Just search for user “esther xie” on Gumtree App and I’d be there. I have recently updated a few more designs and I will continue to post more. I am listed as one of the featured users, so you just have to click "discover", then "users", and you will see me there. You can also discover ads to find other items which you may like too here.

I have also added a grab bag sale - 3 random preloved pieces (not listed) for $12! It includes postage and it's an exclusive deal only for Gumtree shoppers! Whilst stock last!

See you at the Gumtree app!

This post is brought to you by Gumtree

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