Friday, February 5, 2016

Tanuki Raw

I've been seeing these really nice pictures of food at Tanuki Raw on Instagram so I decided to find out more and visited them for lunch some time back!

We went to the Orchard Central outlet. They were previously located at Orchard Central, but is currently temporarily closed for renovations at another unit. Meanwhile, they opened a new unit at Bras Basah! Just do a quick search online for the exact address.

Sat at the balcony overlooking at Orchard Road. Ordered a side of spam fries. Bf's favourite!

Their signature dish should be the beef bowl but since I don't eat beef, I ordered the salmon don which is equally good too! Three types of salmon on top of flavoured rice.

Bf's beef bowl.

Delicious good-looking food, see already also shiok! Haha. Ordered an additional egg to go with my rice. Don't see the bowl like so small, I will very full after the meal!

The best thing about Tanuki Raw is that the food is not pricey at all!

Wore this casual floral top from, easy to match plus material is comfortable too. Do check out the new arrivals, if you want anything from the CNY collection by this weekend, just send an email with your request and a meetup session may be arranged this Saturday! :)

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