Monday, February 15, 2016

Rebecca Lim retiring saga

Today, I wanna share about the Rebecca Lim saga that happened over the weekend.

I think that the campaign itself is good. It got people's attention and it was creative. So why did it backfire? There're two very important reasons.

1. Rebecca was a well-liked artiste, known for being real. Her image was always good, genuine, down to earth.

And that's why people find it harder to accept that she, of all people, would do this to her fans for money. It made her look insincere and a sell out.

Perhaps if it happened to another actress, the response wouldn't be so bad.

2. This campaign felt similar to Chris and Fann's OSIM ad last year, when they posted a photo which seemed to suggest that Fann is expecting. But for that, the key point is that people assumed; they did not pointblank say they were having another baby. Hence, they did not really lie.

Whereas for Rebecca, she said "I am retiring". It was an outright lie. Perhaps, the words used would have made a whole lot of difference. Like, instead of "I'm all set, I am retiring", she could have said "I am ready for retirement". It will have the similar effect of misleading and allowing the audience to assume, yet not really lying.

I personally don't think she intentionally wanted to lie to her fans and I feel that perhaps the choice of words used was wrong. Don't need to be so angry about it!

Overall, I'm glad she's not really retiring from showbiz!

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