Thursday, February 11, 2016

Christmas onboard Royal Caribbean

Back in December, I went onboard Royal Caribbean's Mariner of the Seas for a Nuffnang/Churp Christmas gathering.

Soon after, I brought my family along for a cruise trip on the same ship! This is only a brief, introductory post as I will be sharing in detail about the facilities and activities in another blog entry because I have so much to say.

My first impression of the Royal Caribbean Mariner of the Seas was "Wow! So huge!" These are balcony rooms, rows and rows of them. The ship is actually very big, with a total of 15 decks. The Mariner of the Seas can accommodate more than 3000 passengers on the ship and more than 1000 crew members!

Went up to the top deck! Beautiful view of Singapore as we were still docked.

Photo with Isaac! Haven't met him in ages!

Pool area~

We went to the ice skating rink and because none of us were in the right attire, we watched the performer do some interesting tricks instead! Group photo with him here!

Around half the total staterooms in Mariner of the Seas are balconies, while the rest have windows facing the ocean or promenade, and some interior staterooms with no windows. There are also wheelchair-accessible rooms, though limited so book early.

I personally don't mind the interior staterooms because there are so many things to do onboard a Royal Caribbean cruise so the room doesn't really matter. Also, all rooms in Mariner of the Seas felt more like a hotel room than a cabin, and are already much more comfortable than most cruise ships! However, there are very good prices for certain balcony rooms and it's definitely worth it for the experience.

If you have lots of cash to spare, get the suite!! The living room is big, with a piano right beside the balcony!

Plus a bar counter and dining table behind the sofa!

The room is huge plus a seating area inside the attached washroom.

We explored other areas on the ship too.... The Casino, for many people, is the highlight of a cruise!

This is the grand and gorgeous main dining room, which has three decks and a huge chandelier right at the centre. Each guest will have a designated table with the same server every night. This arrangement allows guests to receive personalized and top-notch service!

There are many activities and sports facilities available onboard, including a rock climbing wall!

We had lunch at Chops Grille, one of the recommended restaurants onboard.

Christmas presents from Fresh Masks!

We enjoyed the meal very much! Their signature dish is the steak but since I don't take beef, I had chicken, which was good too.

I was playing the hyped Neko Atsume back in December so I excitedly showed Isaac my decor and realized we both had the same furniture placements! Haha. Great minds think alike.

We all then had a fun and exciting game of pass-the-parcel and I won myself a bath and body works set from it! Luckily I didn't kena the forfeits!

Group photo with everyone after that!

Desserts are served!

After desserts, we went out to the side decks and good lighting calls for more photos! My top is an upcoming piece from


We all had a great time, thank you Royal Caribbean for hosting us!

So excited to share more about my family trip on Royal Caribbean in the next entry :)

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