Friday, March 20, 2015

Water is precious!

I just watched this video and had the sudden realization about how it is true that many of us tend to forget the value of something when it is readily available. In Singapore, clean water is easily accessible thanks to our national water agency, PUB. If you think about it, water is very important to all of us! Without water, we would all stink because we cannot shower nor brush our teeth. Without water, Singapore would become a brown garden city instead of green garden city because all the beautiful plants and flowers would have withered. Without water, our homes get dirtier day by day. Without water, we dont get to eat our favourite seafood dishes. The list goes on...

Water is essential in our everyday lives, so all the more we should value and use this precious resource wisely!

Here are some good water saving habits I adopted around the house! Little things add up and we can all do a part!

*Use a mug when brushing your teeth!*
I used to just cup the water using my hands and half the water gets wasted down the sink. Using a mug ensures that every drop of water is used!

*Turn off taps when not in use*
Especially when lathering soap! It may seem to be just awhile and people tend to leave it running for convenience, but a lot of precious water is wasted in those few seconds!

*Run the washing machine only on a full load and collect rinse water from the washing machine for washing the toilet or mopping the floor afterwards*
For smaller families, instead of washing the clothes daily at half load, washing on full load once every two to three days would be a good way to save water! This also means chores are less frequent. Woohoo!

*Use water from washing rice, fruits and vegetables to water your plants*
Reuse whenever possible! 

Other tips for the household:

- Use wet cloth to wash the car instead of a water hose

- Check for leaks in flushing cisterns, pipes,taps, etc and repair them immediately to prevent water wastage. Check for leaks regularly by turning off all taps and checking the water meter. If the water meter counter dial is still running, it means there is a leak. Call a plumber immediately.

- Install thimbles or water saving devices at taps with high flow rate.

- Use water efficient labelled fittings

- Monitor your water bill to monitor your family’s water consumption. If your consumption is more than average, re-look your family’s water usage habits.

Do check out for more tips!

If you are interested to find out more, or educate your kids on good water saving habits, visit PUB's water conservation mobile showrooms around Singapore this month! PUB's mascot Water Wally will also be on site to meet his fans!

Here are the dates and location!

(Sun) 22 Mar Century Square
(Tue) 24 Mar Cathay Cineleisure
(Wed) 25 Mar Cathay Cineleisure
(Thu) 26 Mar Cathay Cineleisure


Remember, every drop counts!

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