Thursday, March 5, 2015

CNY 2015

Day 1.

Spent the day visiting! Outfit for the first day of Chinese New Year - new top, new skirt, new bag, new necklace, new earrings, new heels!

Took a family photo! Aiya, if I had wore my day 2 outfit instead of this, we would all be wearing blue!

Day 2.

Went to bf's place in the morning and they hired lion dance as usual but this time it also came with a very smiley cai shen ye!

This floral romper is my favourite out of all my cny outfits! Paired it with new accessories from H&M and beige heels.

Bought this new blue Michael Kors bag just before CNY. New Year, New Bag!

Joined my family in the afternoon and we watched Triumph Into The Skies. The thing I love most about CNY are the movies! So many selections to choose from!

Day 3.

We watched two movies that day! Booked the 10:50am slot for Ah Boys to Men: Frogmen but we missed the bus and at 10:50am, we were still at the bus stop!!! Luckily, there were so many advertisements that the movie only started immediately after we sat down.

Afterwards, we walked around Downtown East before going for our next movie - From Vegas to Macau. Love both movies!

Although Downtown East is so near our house, I still dressed up because it's CNY! When I put on this white floral dress, my family asked, "how come all your dresses same one?" Haha. They may be all florals but they are different ok!

Day 4.

One day before we all start work, we were feeling the Monday blues already! Went to my uncle's house and ordered pizza for lunch!

Took my cousin's toy and found it really cute! Look at those innocent eyes! Hehe.

OOTD: dark red dress, yes florals again. Haha.

Headed to River Hongbao! There wasfun fair for the kids - merry go round, bouncy castles, train rides, etc... It was like a mini amusement park!

Took this photo for my parents....

And look at how dad took this photo for us! Cut off the Cai Shen Ye!!!!

Headed to Marina Bay Sands afterwards to enjoy the aircon and saw this super adorable sheep mascot!

Anyway, do you know that if you speak at a normal volume infront of this huge round thingy outside MBS, the person standing opposite will be able to hear you very clearly! So amazing ya?

Gave my mum and bf's mum these LYRA MINN red packets with 3D effect and they love it!

Hope everyone had a good CNY! :) May 2015 be an awesome year for all of us!

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