Thursday, March 26, 2015

Eat At Taipei

Some photos from my recent CNY get-together with Nadia, Fio and nuffies at Eat at Taipei. I visited the restaurant before at another branch and remembered the food to be quite nice!

Our first dish - Duck herbal soup! I liked the richness of the soup, great start to the meal!

How can we forget oyster mee swa when we have Taiwanese food?

I kinda had some doubt how good the oyster egg would be when I saw how flat it was. But I was proven wrong because it's really quite tasty! Unlike the usual type we have at hawker centre, the one here was sticky and chewy - Yum!

My favourite dish that night was this simple dish of steamed chicken. Really one of the best ones I have ever eaten - it had a slight subtle salty taste which made me keep wanting one more.

Mala chicken! Super nice!

Ru Rou Fan! Aiyo I really want to go visit Taiwan soon and eat all their yummy street food!

Hot dessert for bf.

One of my favourite type of dessert is Mango Ice! I really like Eat At Taipei's version which had these golden balls that pop in the mouth.

Since it was still within CNY period, I reserved this red dress from to wear for this CNY gathering.

Here's an awesome deal - Flash this pic on my instagram at EAT AT TAIPEI to get the rock salt crispy chicken (u.p. $7.90) FOR FREE!!!

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